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Manage precious talent

If you need common sense, easy to understand and administer solutions for retaining and managing your workforce, we can simplify HR for you and help you manage your precious talent more effectively. Handle daily HR tasks more efficiently, set and accomplish long-term strategic goals, or raise employee performance, engagement and retention, as HCI guides and supports you every step of the way.

Recruitment, remuneration and performance

Our HR training program will develop your knowledge of key topics, theories and practices, such as recruitment, remuneration and performance. It will also develop your people management skills and introduce you to changing policy areas such as incentive design and work-life balance. Keeping pace with the advances in people management that are crucial to modern businesses, the HR training combines research-led, practical and theoretically informed education.

Strategic problem-solving

HCI strategic problem-solving capability for Human Resources, provides tangible actions to accelerate the implementation of solutions.Our insights are practice based, not theoretical and our HR consultancy approach is tailored to every situation. The depth and breadth of HR expertise, allows us to staff projects with the necessary content, experience and analytical rigour. Consulting or training – Simplify HR with HCI Consult Services.

‘The more you know, the more you know you don’t know’
HR Planning
  • The strategic and operational role of HR
  • Definitions and activities
  • The external and internal analysis of supply
  • Forecasting workforce demand
  • Conducting job analysis
A better workplace
  • Determining the needs of the staff
  • Ensure equal opportunities
  • Deal with performance issues
  • Implementing change
  • Counseling
  • Delegation
Developing tomorrow's managers
  • The change-ready manager
  • The global-ready manager
  • The knowledge manager
  • The competency-based manager
Getting the right workforce
  • Recruting qualified employees
  • The pre-interview process
  • Types of interviews
  • Asking questions effectively
  • Behavioural based structured interview
  • Critical parameters for evaluation
Workforce Diversity
  • Discovering the underlying assumptions
  • Diversifying the company’s culture
  • Managing diversity issues
The climate for:
  • Motivational theories and ways of application
  • Performance management
  • Training
  • The compensation philosophy and economics
  • Ranking and classification methods
  • The point method
  • Defining pay structures
  • Incentives – focus, concepts and cautions
  • Philosophy and objectives of a benefits policy
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