What does it mean? According to the dictionary grow means to increase by natural development, to increase in size or substance.
When we were children, we all wanted to grow faster, to become adults, when we were adolescents we wanted to grow our hair or beard, as young adults we wanted to grow our income, our family, our career. So what else can we grow now as mature people? Of course we can all gain weight and grow our size, but I don’t think this is really something to wish for.
As mature people we can grow ourselves and the ones around us, we can grow our performance, learning and enjoyment….how can we do that…very easy using GROW model, created by John Whitmore and published in his book Coaching for performance. How it works?


The GROW Model is an acronym standing for (G)oals, (R)eality, (O)ptions and (W)ill, highlighting the four key steps in the implementation of the GROW Model. By working through these four stages, the GROW Model raises an individual’s awareness and understanding of:
1. their own aspirations;
2. their current situation and beliefs;
3. the possibilities and resources open to them; and
4. the actions they want to take to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Grow Model

The GROW Model has been seen to yield higher productivity, improved communication, better interpersonal relationships and a better quality working environment. I’ve even used this model with my son. Let me explain. He came to me asking me to do an English project for him.
I’ve asked : what do you want? He answered , you to do my English project. I’ve asked again what is the ultimate goal here? He said ..well, I need the English project done..exactly..we agreed on this reformulated goal. Then I’ve asked..where are you now? What have you done so far? He said nothing, I have to start from scratch. Then we moved to the third step : what are your options? I could do everything by myself, but I will not finish in time, you can do it (that’s where we started), or we can do it together, we can split responsibilities. You mom, help me with the research and gather some meaningful info for me, I select the info for the project and create the draft and you mom review at the end to see if I’m missing something important. And that’s the way we used GROW, in our daily life. Even if it is considered a coaching method, I personally believe it can be applied in any single aspect of your life.

So let’s GROW together !!!

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