How to Create Impact



Are you looking for a wealth of resources to support your ongoing development?​
Do you want to understand the critical relationship between being and doing, and how to
leverage this for transformational change?
Then we have the OPPORTUNITY for you….

Clarity and impact

We help people clarify their calling, understand the impact they most want to have, move past self-limiting beliefs, and connect to their inherent leadership presence.


Armed with this sense of self and purpose, HCI coaching participants
go on to make their greatest possible contributions to their world.

Transformative approach

By bringing a transformative approach to human capital development, our coaching model empowers YOU to step forward, set radical expectations, and achieve unprecedented outcomes.

‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.’
Albert Einstein
The coaching concept
  • How to define coaching and it’s benefits
  • How to coach and not manage
  • How to run 4 types of coaching sessions
  • How to establish coaching relationships
  • How to achieve buy-in, develop trust and reward
Coaching and the people issues
  • Pro active coaching
  • The coach as a leader, confronter, encourager, mentor
  • Promoting persistance
  • Coaching star performers
Tips & Tehniques
  • Ten critical steps of one on one coaching sessions
  • How to tell if a coaching session has been successful
  • How to coach seven common types of employees
  • How to apply individual coaching skills to teams
Coaching Excellence
  • How to fine tune your coaching skills
  • How to coach for higher performance
  • How to focus on improving the coach
  • Excercises and best practices of effective coaches
The GROW model
  • How to raise self-awareness using: Grow, Reality, Options, Will
  • How to move back and forth within the model
  • How to measure progress toward the objective
  • How to practice through multiple exercices
Coaching @ Work
  • Coaching goals
  • Coaching tehniques
  • Coaching strategies
With Respect To Each Client

We Appreciate Clients

And Their Business